Book Contributions:

“How to Take the Real Measure of a Man”
The Best Science Writing Online 2012
Scientific America Books/Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2012.

Print and Online Stories:

Expanding tropics will play greater global role, report predicts
Science: ScienceInsider – 6/29/14

Marine reserves get a big boost at U.S. conference
Science: ScienceInsider – 6/18/14

Cuba Harvests Clean Energy from the Sea
Discover – July/August 2014

Visit New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Discover – July/August 2014

Rare Skin Disorder Gets Crude Media Treatment
Scientific American: Guest Blog – 5/20/14

U.S. and Cuba Take Tentative Steps Toward Greater Marine Science Collaboration
Science: ScienceInsider – 5/14/14

Visit North Carolina’s Lemur Sanctuary
Discover – June 2014

Top 4 Summer Science Road-Trip Destinations
Discover – May 2014

Cosmos: The next generation
Ars Technica – 3/7/14

A Waterwheel That Picks Up Floating Trash
Popular Science – 2/28/14

What makes a marine protected area effective?
Ars Technica – 2/6/14

Vultures Know Where Animals Go To Die
Slate: Wild Things – 2/4/14

Acceptance of global warming rises on warm days
Ars Technica – 1/14/14

Women face global disparity in scientific publishing
Ars Technica – 12/12/13

Searching The Sea For Toxins
Popular Mechanics SA – 10/9/13

The World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car Finally Comes To The U.S.
PopSci.com – 10/3/13

Demand for Bananas Puts Costa Rica’s Caimans at Risk
National Geographic News – 9/30/13

Cows cleared of charges in salmonella epidemic; new suspects named
Ars Technica – 9/21/13

Industrial Revolution likely brought the Little Ice Age to an end
Ars Technica – 9/9/13

Online media and science make for awkward partners
Ars Technica – 8/19/13

Ducks learn to surf for food
National Geographic News: Weird & Wild- 8/12/13

Publicity boosts cooperation more than cash rewards
Ars Technica – 6/17/13

Silent summer: No wolf pup yips heard on Isle Royale
Ars Technica – 5/28/13

Mobile Robotic Laboratory Will Track Ocean Toxins
Popular Mechanics – 5/21/13

Fisheries could be in hot water due to climate change
Ars Technica – 5/21/13

Climate change may be irreversible, but we control the future trajectory
Ars Technica – 4/4/13

Human colonization of the Pacific left piles of dead birds in its wake
Ars Technica – 3/27/13

Ten years after SARS, a noval coronavirus causes global health concerns
Ars Technica – 3/14/13

Small rise in global temperatures could thaw permafrost
Ars Technica – 2/25/13

Climate change may be hitting migratory species harder than we thought
Ars Technica – 1/30/13

Starved brains kill memory-making to survive
Ars Technica – 1/28/13

Don’t read the comments! Online communities shape risk perception
Ars Technica – 1/8/13

Climate change is big business (for the insurance industry)
Ars Technica – 12/24/12

Decreasing rural populations lead to increasing fires in Amazonia
Ars Technica – 12/15/12

Large, old trees disappearing worldwide
Ars Technica – 12/14/12

Scientists create a “Dow Jones” for ocean health
Ars Technica – 8/15/12

Seeing red on eBay has buyers spending more green
Ars Technica – 7/20/12

Scientists take a bird’s eye view of bird-aircraft collisions
Ars Technica – 7/17/12

Certain coral species may be better adapted to deal with ocean acidification
Ars Technica – 4/13/12

Singing in the brain: wrens cooperate to make better music
Ars Technica – 11/13/11

Dive trips link opening night speeches
The Miami Planet – 10/20/11

Storytelling drives compelling video
The Miami Planet – 10/19/11

Science press decries elusive federal science experts, applauds better data access
The Plainspoken Scientist (American Geophysical Union blog) – 10/13/11

European wars, famine, and plagues driven by changing climates
Ars Technica – 10/12/11

Study shows how warm swath of ocean may keep hurricanes at sea
GeoSpace (American Geophysical Union blog) – 10/7/11

How a brain-manipulating virus turns caterpillars into zombies
Ars Technica – 9/12/11

Seafood at Risk: Dispersed Oil Poses a Long-Term Threat
Scientific American: Guest Blog – 4/20/11

The Murky Picture Beneath The Surface
RedOrbit – 11/5/10

Ecosystem Resource Planning Extends Offshore
Bay Soundings – Fall 2010

USGS Scientists Raise Coastal Change Awareness at Community Hurricane Expo 
Sound Waves – Aug/Sept 2010

Toxic threat to nature’s nursery?
Long Island Herald – 5/13/10


Don Corleone: Not a Nice Guy but No Psychopath
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 5/21/14

Twitter Opinion Quickly Stabilizes
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 5/15/14

Different Brain Regions Handle Different Music Types
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 3/12/14

Celebrity Auction Prices Depend on Content and Character
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 3/4/14

Move to Greener Urban Areas Helps Happiness
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 2/24/14

Hole-y Phobia May Have Evolutionary Origins
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 2/18/14

Multiple Stresses Killed Snail Memory
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 2/13/14

Global Warming Freezes Penguin Chicks
Scientific American: 60-Second Earth – 2/9/14

Baby-Talking Adults Boost Infant Word Production
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 1/28/14

Penguin Groups Move Like Jammed Traffic
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 12/30/13

Rudolph’s Eyes Top His Nose
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 12/24/13

Buyer Beware: Getting Gifts For Many an Hinder Good Gift Decisions
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 12/20/13

Night Light Color Could Be Attitude Adjuster
Scientific American: 60-Second Science – 10/28/13


Greenpeace Launches Expedition to Study Impacts of Gulf Oil Spill
WMNF 88.5FM Community Radio, Tampa Bay – 8/11/10

Gulf Oil Spill Community Forum Discusses Long-Term Impacts
WMNF 88.5FM Community Radio, Tampa Bay - 6/16/10


Stroller Brigades: Families march for chemicals law reform
Chemical & Engineering News – 8/12/11


Microfossils Reveal Climatic History of the Gulf of Mexico
USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Podcast – 4/27/11

Corals: A 50-Year Photographic Record of Change
USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Podcast – 12/29/10

In Harm’s Way: Measuring Storm Impacts to Forecast Future Vulnerability
USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Podcast – 9/2/10

Selected Blog Posts:

The Political Climate of Climate Politics
Brace for Impact – 11/27/12

The 99 Percent vs. The 1 Percent
Brace for Impact – 11/21/12

Zombie Ants and The Bite of Death
Oh, For the Love of Science! – 5/9/11

Bufotoxin Tolerance in Keelback Snakes: recent adaptation to a new threat, or preadaptation from an ancient foe?
Oh, For the Love of Science! – 11/30/10

Prehistoric Clues Provide Insight into Climate’s Future Impact on Oceans
Oh, For the Love of Science! – 11/26/10

Flyover of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Deep Sea News – 7/8/10

West Nile Virus in a Warming World
Oh, For the Love of Science! – 1/31/09